What Wild X delivers

In a line, Wild Training helps people maximise power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement. 

That doesn't mean maximise like, super elite, be the best at everything. Wild Training is about maximising your time and delivering results. 

Maximising fun. Giving you a life without limits. Doesn’t sound like a normal fitness app right. It’s not. 

It’s almost unimaginable the variety and depth of workouts we have on offer, and the content in growing all the time (around 400 new videos every year). 

You're just going to have to try it for yourself. In reality our services include programming around strength equipment, bodyweight workouts, sport conditioning, nutrition guidance and mindset coaching.

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Enjoy your life more with the Wild X Fitness app

Steve Backshall MBE, BAFTA-winning British explorer

“If you want to make first ascents of Himalayan Mountains, or first descents of whitewater Rivers – how much you can bench press is totally irrelevant; you need practical, focused training. Wild X is everything you need. Punishing, innovative and best of all, fun. For me, it’s the perfect physical training regime.”

Businesses, Schools and Gyms

All use the Wild X app

Life is all about community, and living a great life requires an active approach in creating and maintaining a healthy culture in your community. The Wild X app helps so many different types of organisations engage their people in a truly 360 degree approach to health, fitness and well-being. The Wild X app will positively impact engagement, productivity, retention and happiness. 

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Gyms using Wild X

On-Demand training for gym members